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Hospitality Fund



Target IRR



Assets Under Management



Apartment Hotel Suites

Utilization of Funds


Asset Acquisition

In Australia, our target real assets must satisfy the following criteria:

  • Prime location

  • High growth potential

  • Strong resistance to risk


Asset Appreciation

Our approach includes meticulously upgrading, renovating, or completely redeveloping our acquired hotel properties, which significantly boosts cash flow and enhances asset value. Leveraging our in-house team of seasoned hotel development experts, we guarantee the successful completion of each hotel project.

Fund Overview

  • Minimum Equity Investment: $5 million

  • Indicative Equity IRR: >20% p.a.

  • Minimum Fixed Coupon Return Investment: $500,000

  • Fixed Coupon Return:

    • 10% p.a. for 12 months

    • 11% p.a. for 24 months

    • 12% p.a. for 36 months

  • Investment Term: A delivery phase of 2-3 years, followed by an operational phase of 2 years

  • Current AUM: $300,000,000

  • Target AUM: $500,000,000

  • No of Suites: 300+ apartment hotel suites/rooms

  • Project Location: NSW - Sydney, QLD - Gold Coast

  • Project Type: Luxury business hotels & high end apartment hotels with water/ocean views

  • Asset Title: Freehold

Fund Target

Attractive Capital Gain

Equity investors partnering with us at the early stages of development will have the opportunity to benefit from attractive capital gains or opt for partial or complete ownership of a high end quality hotel asset at a wholesale discount, typically 20% below market value.

Stable Cash Flow

Aurum Capital enhances its hotel asset management through strategic partnerships with leading global hotel chains, including Marriott, Accor, Hilton, and Radisson. These collaborations ensure steady cash flow returns from its operational management.


Additionally, Aurum Capital is elevating its portfolio by developing its exclusive hotel management brand, the Swan Luxury Serviced Apartment series, further amplifying its value proposition.

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